Philanthropy Events


    Anchor Slam:

        This is an event that Delta Gamma chapters across the country host to raise money and awareness for our philanthropy, Service for Sight. It is a campus-wide basketball tournament that involves campus organizations and students who want to participate. Members of Delta Gamma "coach" a team made up of 3+ players. Each player pays a small fee to participate, which buys a shirt. It’s a night full of fun and basketball and is one of our chapters biggest and oldest fundraisers.

    Anchor Bowl:

        This is an event Eta-Omicron is introducing to UAFS this year. Designed to raise money and awareness for our philanthropy, Service for Sight, Anchor Bowl is a flag football tournament. Students and members of all campus organizations are welcome to join a team and play for a chance to be a flag football champion. A fee is required to join a team but players receive a shirt. Anchor Bowl also includes Delta Gamburgers, a tailgating event where organizations and students can set up games or food and come have a good time watching football for a good cause. 

    Night for Sight Fashion Show:

        This event is specific to our chapter of Delta Gamma at UAFS. It is now a tradition to host a community wide fashion show involving all Greek life and local boutiques to raise awareness and money for our philanthropy, Service for Sight. Boutiques temporarily donate clothes for the show's models and then set up tables in the lobby to sell these outfits to audience members throughout the night. Profits are donated from these sales to our philanthropy, as is the money from ticket sales. It is an incredibly successful event for the Eta-Omicron chapter. 


    Arthur's Eyes:

        This event is designed to raise positive awareness to children about their vision. We take the book Arthur’s Eyes into local schools and Boys and Girls Clubs and we read it to students. This book allows them to understand the importance of taking care of their vision. This also empowers children who might wear glasses to take pride in the fact that they care for their vision and understand the importance of wearing glasses. In addition to reading the book, we color with them, share important vision facts, play games and teach them about Service for Sight. 

    Facts About Eyes Booth:

         During the school year, Delta Gamma sets up a table in the Campus Center with Service for Sight information, vision facts and vision bookmarks to raise awareness about our philanthropy. We teach people about what we do but more importantly why we do it. We tell them about our fundraiser, where our money goes and answer any questions they have about our philanthropy or foundation. 


     Golden Anchor:

            This is a branch of Delta Gamma's national foundation service. The Golden Anchor program is designed to give members hands on experience in the community as well as create intimate relationships. This program most often includes a group of Delta Gamma's visiting a health and rehab facility to read to residents, particularly ones with vision problems or Delta Gamma alumnae. Members also talk with residents and play games with them. It is a way we make a personal impact on the community. 

     Our Littlest Sister:

            Eta-Omicron strives to use our philanthropy to get hands-on service experience and to make a personal impact. That is how we began working with Elli, a young girl born with glaucoma who has grown up with vision problems. She is our littlest sister. We throw Elli birthday parties, take her to the movies, get ice cream with her and take her to the park. Since working with Elli, members have begun branching out on their own and finding other children with vision problems to work with. We plan on spending time and helping as many of them as we can.  

Joining Forces:

     Scoops for Troops:
         Scoops for Troops is an ice cream social that happens on campus which raises funds and awareness for the Joining Forces branch of our philanthropy. We sell ice cream to students and faculty passing by while sharing information about Service for Sight and Joining Forces with them. All proceeds benefit Joining Forces.