Family Events

Family participation is highly encouraged in Delta Gamma.  The years you spend living with your parents and family before college are what shape you into the person you are when you get there. Delta Gamma believes that spending time with your parents and family should be a number one priority. This is why we hold events such as Mom's Day and Dad's day. After all they have done for us and will continue to do, it is nice to take a day to spend with your parents one-on-one and have some fun together!
 Mom's Day
  Every year in the fall semester we hold an event we call Mom's Day. For Mom's Day, each member invites their mom to come spend the day with them! We plan a special event that we think would be fun to do together, mother and daughter. Typically these events are things like a cooking class, crafting, shopping, and other girl's day activities! For example, last year Mom's Day was a spa day. We got pedicures, manicures, facials, there was a photo booth and lots of cupcakes and cookies! It was a great way to spend the day pampering our moms and having fun with them at the same time!
 Dad's Day
            In the spring semester, we hold a Dad's Day! Similar to Mom's Day, Dad's Day is about spoiling our dad's and having fun with them. Since dads are more rough and tumble, these events are usually more active and geared towards men. In the past we have gone to baseball games, and last year we played kickball. We played one game dads verse daughters, then another game where the members played on the same team with our dad. It got pretty competitive, but the dads had a great time!